Åsnen - one of the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations 2020

In 2019, the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations were revealed at the Global Green Destinations Days  (GGDD) on the Island of Mali Lošinj in Croatia. The Top 100 list celebrates efforts of tourism destinations for responsible and sustainable tourism. After an extensive review of our sustainability efforts, it was announced that Åsnen was one of the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations 2019!


On 6th October 2020, at the Global Green Destination Days which took place online this year, it was revealed that Åsnen, as the only Swedish destination, also is on the list for the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations 2020! 


Much work still remains to be done and important issues remain to be solved, but we are happy to see that we are on the right path and hope that it will inspire visitors, locals, enterprises and everyone else to do everything in their power to help keep Åsnen sustainable for us, and for future generations. For our nature and the species that thrive in it. 




Good Travel Guide

Åsnen is featured on the newly-launched website The Good Travel Guide, a travel site that has gathered green destinations around the world to make it easier for visitors to find sustainable, green holiday destinations to visit. Only destinations that fit the Good Travel Guide’s criteria and have been reviewed by experts are listed here.

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