Åsen Runt Bike route

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Åsnen runt is a 140 km circuit around Åsnen. You can opt to cycle parts of the trail or book a 4-day package tour including bicycle hire, map and accommodation with breakfast and lunch. It is of course also possible to pack a tent on your bike’s package holder and stay the night at campsites along the route.


About half the route follows an old railbed and has no motor traffic. Clear signs make the route easy to follow. The trail will take you through cultural and beautiful environments that offer plenty of nature experiences and interesting sights.


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Alvesta is a great starting point for the Åsnen runt bike route. Arrive comfortably by train at Alvesta Central Station where you also pick up your map and bicycle for the tour. If you want to stock up on provisions before you head off, there is a local supermarket nearby and a very nice Swedish/Japanese café – Café St. Clair.

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Växjö also is an ideal starting point for the cycle route, with excellent train and bus connections.

The city offers lots to see and do, as well as a plethora of places to stay ranging from hotels to campgrounds. Visit or contact Växjö Tourist Information for further information.

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Huseby Bruk

Make a stop at Huseby Bruk while cycling Åsnen runt. Huseby is an old ironworks with a well-preserved works environment and lots of history. Today, Huseby is a wonderful place to visit with its beautiful castle and manor park, the kitchen garden, museums, small shops and the restaurant, Elisabeth’s Garden Café & Restaurant. 

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If you have booked the 4-day package tour (available via RentBike.se), you will spend your first night in the quaint village Torne, at Torne Gård B&B. Another option is to stay at e.g. Torne camping that has both cabins and a camp site. In Torne you also have the possibility to stock up on provisions again at the newly reopened, small grocery store Torne Lanthandel.

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National Park entrance Trollberget

Trollberget is the western entrance to Åsnen National Park and offers an amazing nature mosaic. Dragonflies hover over the calm bays and the low point where there is a sudden crack in the bare rock is home to many legends. One tells of a hidden door where the troll’s enormous treasure is supposedly hidden.


Wide, accessible paths coincide with narrow forest paths that awaken the child and joy of discovery in most people. Weather protection buildings, campfire sites and toilets make visits here comfortable. There are bicycle racks where you can park your cycle in order to discover the national park’s pathways on foot.


Read more about Åsnen National Park here.

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Ålshults handelsbod

Ålshults handelsbod is a cosy and familiar culture café and shop – a creative meeting space – by lake Åsnen. Relax for a while with a good cup of coffee while getting informed about history, nature and tourist information.

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Urshult is the next stop in the 4-day package tour around Åsnen, with an overnight stay at Urshult Hotell B&B. If you’d rather stay at a campground, Urshult Camping Rävabacken is the choice for you.


When in Urshult, a visit to the candle factory and shop Ljushuset also is recommended. Close by you find Sorores Café, offering German-inspired baked goods and cakes as well as tourist information. 


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Ursöbadet bathing place

Make a quick detour from the route and go for a refreshing swim in Åsnen at the small, cosy bathing place Ursöbadet.

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Jät's old church

Another place well worth a small detour is Jät’s historical old church, dating back to the Medieval times. 

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Solvikens pensionat

Beautiful Solvikens pensionat in Ingelstad is where you stay your last night if you are on the 4-day package tour. The gorgeous yellow guest house is the perfect spot to rest up before you continue the last stretch of the route on the following day. Nearby lies a supermarket where you can stock up on provisions, if needed, and you can go for a walk through the village along the pathway that follows the small river.

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A small, simple yet scenic campground along the Åsnen runt route with a nice bathing place in lake Torsjön, just outside the village Ingelstad. Perfect for a quick dip in the lake or to pitch your tent.