Norraryd's camping

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Norraryd's Camping

Norraryd’s Camping enjoys an idyllic location next to Hönshylte Fjord. Here you’ll meet Emese, who’s passionate about cycling and has cycled on most of the roads in the area – she’ll be happy to share her tips with you. Emese also offers beginner kayaking courses, pentathlons for the whole family, guided kayak tours in the national park and much more. Next to the campsite is Sydostleden, a 270 km national cycleway between Växjö and Simrishamn.

Here you get tips on bike rides and places to visit when you rent your e-bike from Norraryd’s camping!

Norraryd's Camping

Bike route around Hönshyltefjorden

A pleasant and gentle cycleway that takes you through the Småland landscape and close to water. The tour passes several historical sites – the stone arch bridge over River Mörrumsån is a classic photospot! About half of the trail is on a car-free cycleway and the other half on small paved roads; a short stretch of the trail is on a gravel road. The bike ride is 12 km and signposted.

Hönshyltefjorden runt bike route

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Car graveyard at Kyrkö mosse

A graveyard for scrap cars from the 1930s. Here the wreckages of old cars have slowly been broken down, and in some places the metal is now no thicker than a piece of paper. Bracken grows wild between the seats of an old Chevy, and ants crawl over the benches of the Volkswagen bus that has sunk halfway into the bog. Kyrkömosse has made its way from the Småland forest to the government offices and, as an art exhibition, to the fine palaces of Rome. Kyrkömosse leaves an impression on everyone who visits, no matter their opinion. From Norraryd’s Campsite it’s 5 km to the car graveyard and you you cycle on paved roads

Car graveyard


A cycle ride from Norraryd to Urshult on ‘Sydostleden’ makes for a nice daytrip. In Urshult you’ll join up with the ‘Day trip in western Åsnen’ northwards via Sirkövägen. In total the route is just over 63 km. It’s not signposted but is easy to follow with the help of the downloadable map. Instead of turning left towards Hackekvarn on the way back to Norraryd, follow Banvallsleden trail south. Just under 30 km of the journey from Norraryd is on a car-free cycleway and some sections are on gravel roads. Please note that the trail is not recommended for small children on their own bikes as Sirkövägen is narrow and shared by a variety of traffic!

Day trip in western Åsnen

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Bike route around Hackekvarn

Enjoy the idyllic Småland on this tour, which takes you past the nature reserves of Hackekvarn and Ekefors. From the bridge at Hackekvarn you’ll see the small island of Kungsholmen, sometimes called Slottsholmen, where the remains of the ancient ‘Hake Castle’ stand, dating back to the 14th century. In summer this is an El Dorado for butterfly watchers! The trail is easy to cycle and includes a combination of asphalt and gravel roads, approx 23 km. Some parts of the trail are on car-free cycleways.

Nature reserve Hackekvarn