Elmkvist coachbuilder

The local history society of Kalvsvik own the old coach building-house. All the machines are preserved and can be used. During the winter of 2011, Kalvsvik’s local history society took over the coach building and woodshop, both house and inventories. The workshop is located on the road heading towards Rösås, about 500 meters from the local history society’s house. It is open after arrangement. For more information, please contact the local history society.


Address: Elmkvist vagnmakeri i Kalvsvik, 355 96 Kalvsvik

Phone: +46(0)470-74 34 02, (0)70-75 34 02

Email: kerstin.e.l.hakansson@gmail.com

Webbsida: https://nya.hembygd.se/kalvsviks-hembygdsforening/page/4927