Inglinge mound

Inglinge mound is a burial site from the iron age located in Ingelstad, about 20 km south of Växjö. Inglinge mound is called Inglinge hög in Swedish. About 130 ancient remains are located in the area. This is also considered to be the eldest thing venue in southern Sweden. Here, you can find 5 burial mounds, 2 stone ships and more than a hundred round, oval and rectangular stone circles. In the graves which have been excavated, they have found buckles from the viking age and a sword from the bronze age. The largest burial mound is 37 meters in diameter and 6 meters high, and on its top, there is a stone and a ball with beautiful ornaments in relief.


Address: Inglinge hög, 360 44 Ingelstad

Phone: +46(0)470-73 32 80