Kurrebo Café - Farfars Bakeri

Kurrebo is a well-known and popular tourist destination, known for being Småland’s and not least Åsnen’s ’pearl’. From 2022, it is the new owner of Kurrebo who announces healthy life, sustainability, positive philosophy of life and self-awareness of the core values that Kurrebo wants to share with the world. Kurrebo intends to be a versatile cultural center for the local community as well as for tourists.

The site consists of a number of beautiful, classic Swedish buildings on a beautiful slope down to Lake Åsnen. The ambitions are great and Kurrebo will develop year by year with the new owners.

It is located in the middle of Åsnen near Sweden’s newest national park, with a world-class view of the lake, known for its thousand islands.

See opening hours and read more at www.kurrebo.com


Address: Kurrebo, 362 95 Urshult

Email: info@kurrebo.com

Webbsida: www.kurrebo.com