Nöjda Sven's cottage in Kalvsvik

Nöjda Sven’s cottage is a side-cottage with 3 stone walls and one wooden wall. The cottage is furnished. A path through the woods leads the way to the cottage. Sven Nöjd’s cottage, or as it is also called ”Nöjda Svennens stuga” (The Content Swede’s cottage), belonged to the farm Kråketorp Södregård. The cottage was built in stone during the later part of the 19th century.

It was the most humble abode you could imagine. It consisted of 3 stone walls made of cobblestones, and the forth wall was made of wood. There were two small windows and a door in the wooden wall. The roof was covered in reeds from a lake. The interior consisted of an iron stove, a bed, a table, a small cupboard and a few stools. Outside the cottage, there was a so called clock made out of wood and on a flat stone an iron pot.

Once, vicar August Hjelmgren came to visit Sven. When he bent down and went into the cottage through the low door, he asked: ”Is Sven Nöjd here?” (Is Sven Content here?). This can be interpreted in two ways, both as asking if Sven Nöjd (Content) was here since Nöjd was his surname, and secondly is he was nöjd (content) with his living circumstances. Sven sat in his bed and answered convincingly at once: ”Indeed, I am”.

Sven Nöjd was born on the 1st of January 1849 in the side-cottage Hultet. also known as Ölvehult, belonging to Boavred 1:2, and died on the 12th of January 1923. The cottage was abandoned in 1920, when Sven moved to a retirement home. In the end of the 1970’s, only the ruins of the 3 stone walls remained. The local history society has renovated and restored the cottage, and re-opened it the 7th of September 1980. In the beginning of the 1990’s, the roof was renovated as well. Every summer, a lot of tourists, from both Sweden and abroad, come to visit.


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