Fishing in Åsnen

Pike, perch, pike-perch, eel, common whitefish, bream, tench, roach and burbot. Fishing cards: Ströbergs lanthandel in Torne: 0470-7540 08 Torne Camping, Torne: 0470-754120 Allan Karlsson, Hulevik: 0470-7560 78 Rune Andersson, Kittegård: 0470-7541 25 Huseby tourist information: 0470-7520 97 Mårten Karlsson, Odensjö: 0470-7520 85 Kjell Petersson, Skäggalösa: 0470-752124 Boat and canoe rental: Torne Camping 0470-754120. Make sure to get the fishing rules for Åsnen when you buy your fishing card.