Guided Fishingtours with Småland Sportfiske

At Småland Sportfiske you meet Thomas and Udo. Both are very well versed anglers who cannot wait to give you good fishing memories. They both know their waters and where your chances are best for the big catch.
Their best piece of advice is to first start off with a guide to then later apply what you have learned on your own for your share of fish!
Thomas and Udo do not only offer their help in finding the best places to fish, but will also glady advice you on which bait, spoon and other gear to use under which condition. If you have specific questions, e.g. zander-fishing, or how to fulfill your dream about that really big pike, their knowledge and skill will be a big asset. They also offer different methods, such as trolling, vertical fishing, spinning and many more.
The tours are offered in Swedish, German and English.
You also have the chance to get your hands on specially designed gear sets. Småland Sportfiske has assembled sets of spoons selected specifically for the fishing grounds of the area.


Address: Storgatan 84, 362 30 Tingsryd

Phone: 460477715544