Pilgrim trails in Småland

You can hike (or bike) through Småland on beautiful small roads, through picturesque villages with meadows and pastures. Sometimes the trail in real paw chips by large forests. Sometimes the bright landscape with many lakes where you can take a swim. Enjoy a hike with meaning – stillness and silence, listening to the birds singing, experience the wildlife, perhaps passing a moose, a deer or a fox on your trail through Småland ..

There are four trails to choose from. They meet in the middle of Småland at Nydala area:

Western Sigfrid trail starts Fridafors at Blekinge limit and goes over Ryd, Urshult and Ingelstad to Växjö. Växjö Cathedral dating back to the 1100s. From there, the trail crosses Bergunda – Gemla – Alvesta – Moheda – Slätthög – Ohs to Nydala area.

Nydala trail stretch Markaryd – Ljungby resulting in long passages along the E4 predecessor. In some places testifies burial mounds of people who lived and worked here for millennia. Then the trail goes through Värnamo – Nydala

Munka trail starts in Nydala and connects Cistercian two medieval monastery relics; Monastic in Nydala which was founded in 1143 and the convent in Byarum, founded in the 1170s.

Francis Trail Starts in Byarum and goes through Jönköping and Huskvarna along Vätterns east side, past Gränna and ends in Alvastra area bordering Smaland-Östergötland. Then continue Klosterleden to Vadstena and Pilgrim Centre.