About Destination Åsnen

The Åsnen area is amazing in many ways. Here you find Småland’s third largest lake, a national park, more than 10 nature reserves, a unique lake archipelago with over 1000 islands, fruit orchards, strong cultural historical values… The list is long, and all these things together make the area unique.


The development work in the Åsnen area has been going on for several years to strengthen Åsnen as an attractive destination in Småland, Sweden, Europe, and to broaden and strengthen the economy and contribute to a higher quality of life for residents in the area. Everything started with a pilot study of the Åsnen area in 2010, and since then various projects have been run focusing on the development of the companies and the destination. The latest, and ongoing, project is a Leader project 2016-2019. Åsnen National Park is the main attraction on which development is based. Therefore, all business and product development occurs with regard to nature. Products, adapted for a global market, should be carefully developed.


For questions regarding the project or development work in Åsnen, see www.destinationasnen.se (in Swedish) or send us an email.


For touristic questions, contact a tourist information or InfoPoint.



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