Åsnen Must See

You must experience this when you visit Åsnen!

Valuable tips if you stay for an hour, a day or a week. These are our best recommendations and tips to make sure you do not miss what’s unique and extra special in the Åsnen area.

Spending an hour in the Åsnen area

At the top of Lunnabacken you will literally have the Åsnen island world at your feet. The panorama of fjords, islets and open water is also bordered by fruit trees and meadow flowers. A couple of dozen kilometres to the north, Åsnen National Park awaits, encompassing parts of Bjurkärr with one of Europe’s most biologically valuable broadleaf forests. Here you will be treated to the breathtaking interplay between the quiet waters of the black-throated diver and trees rooted during the reign of King Charles XII, many centuries ago.

Spending a day in the Åsnen area

White-tailed eagles, garganeys and cuckoos may help you begin your day at the Husebymaden bird tower. At Huseby Bruk you can learn more about Åsnen’s landscapes and fauna. In the surroundings lie the whirling waters of Mörrumsån and soft green manor park vegetation.


Keep going south towards the national park entrance in Sunnabron. Beyond Bjurkärr and Lunnabacken, unique meadow orchards with both cowslip and pink apple blossoms, follow. Across the lake, Trollberget piques your fantasy with dense forests and dark bouldery terrain.


Wrap up your day with a scenic evening walk from the national park entrance Trollberget along old railroads on the trail Banvallsleden. By the old railway bridges in Ulvö you pass right through Åsnen’s aquatic world, and you will be treated to both a wilderness sunset and calling black-throated divers.

Spending a week in the Åsnen area

Enjoy Åsnen’s many accessible gems: Bjurkärr’s unique broadleaf forest, Lunnabacken’s majestic view of the lake and archipelago, the dark cliffs of mysterious Trollberget and Husebymaden where white-tailed eagles soar.


Also try traversing the environment on nature’s own terms. Paddle through West Åsnen’s archipelago and let quiet waters and forest-clad islands embrace you. Cycle your way to happiness on the Åsnen nature trail accompanied by wild strawberries and butterflies. Glistening beech leaves line the journey through Torne bokskogHackekvarn and Hunshult. You will be passing everything from unique meadow orchards to vast conifer forests, as well as the legendary Blodberget.


On the Jät nature trail you can breathe the air of freedom and walk in the company of calling black-throated divers. On Getnö you can come on a guided osprey safari or look for moose from the edge of the Åsnen area marshes, fragrant with marsh labrador tea.