Getting here

Åsnen offers lots of places to discover and visit, and there are several ways to get to the area. On this page we hope to show you how easy it is to travel here.

Roads to Åsnen

Åsnen is a nature destination worth experiencing. In an increasingly climate-conscious society, sustainable destinations, as well as the ways of travelling there, are of utmost importance. It is undeniably easy to travel by air or by car, but to travel by train, bus and bicycle can make your Åsnen visit into a completely unforgettable adventure.


Travel by car

From Helsingborg – follow Route E4 towards Markaryd or Traryd. Then choose Route 15 or Route 120 to continue east towards Åsnen.

From Malmö – take Route 23 to Osby or Älmhult, turning east towards Åsnen along Route 15 or Route 120. You can also follow Route E22 from Malmö to Pukavik or Karlshamn, turning towards the Åsnen area via Route 116 or Route 29.

From Stockholm – take Route E4 south to Jönköping or Värnamo where you leave the motorway and follow Route 30 or Route 27 on towards the Åsnen area.

From Gothenburg – Route 27 via Växjö and Tingsryd leads to the eastern Åsnen area.

From Denmark – By car, Copenhagen is less than three hours away from the Åsnen area. After the Öresund Bridge, follow the directions for travel from Malmö.


Travel by boat

Several international ferry lines reach southern Sweden, making it a great gateway to the Åsnen area.





HH-Ferries (Website in Swedish)


Travel by Train

Travelling by train is both fast, convenient and perhaps the most environmentally friendly choice of all. You can reach the Åsnen area by train from Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen in about 2-4 hours.


The railway station in Alvesta is a hub for railway traffic and is located about 15 km from the Åsnen area. Rent a bike that you pick up in central Alvesta, for example through RentBike, and cycle to Åsnen along the car-free Banvallsleden cycling trail. It is of course also possible to travel on by bus or rental car from Alvesta, for those who wish.


Växjö railway station and Älmhult railway station are also great starting points for your Åsnen adventures. You can contact a tourist information to receive more tips.


Read more and plan your route here:




Travel by Bus

You can reach the Åsnen area by bus! We recommend to plan your route in advance, so that you know when and from where the buses depart. Buses operated by Länstrafiken Kronoberg service the Åsnen area and you can find bus services, departure times and maps at the website for Länstrafiken Kronoberg. For travels across the county borders, also see Blekingetrafiken and Kalmar länstrafik.


Travel by plane

Småland Airport, Växjö, lies about 20 km north of the Åsnen area. Serviced by flights from e.g. KLM (Amsterdam) and BRA (Berlin), as well as domestic flights. 


Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, lies about 200 km south of Åsnen and is serviced by flights from all over the world. There are daily train connections from the airport to the Åsnen area, for example Älmhult (approx. 90 mins), Alvesta (2 hrs) and Växjö (2.5 hrs). 


Göteborg-Landvetter Airport lies about 200 km northwest of the Åsnen area.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport lies just over 500 km north of Åsnen, serviced by domestic and international flights. Airport shuttle or high-speed train to the Stockholm City Bus Terminal and the Central Station, with daily connections to the Åsnen area, for example Alvesta (approx. 3 hrs) and Växjö (approx. 3.5 hrs). 


Bromma Stockholm Airport lies just under 500 km north of the Åsnen area. Airport shuttle to the Stockholm City Bus Terminal.