Common sense in Åsnen's nature

Visiting nature is all about respect, towards animals and the environment, of course, but also towards other visitors and landowners.


The Åsnen area environment is sensitive. Stick to constructed and natural campsites found adjacent to cycling and canoe routes. Several of these offer access to wind shelters, dry toilets and firewood for a small fee of 50 SEK which is collected by rangers or to be put in a box. You can also buy camping cheques (e.g. at Getnö Gård Lake Åsnen Resort) that you use for payment for your overnight stay at the wind shelters.


Campsites in the Åsnen area are marked out on the ”Map of the Åsnen area” which is available to buy at the local tourist offices.


Camper van

If you are travelling by camper van, you should only use campsites in the Åsnen area for overnight stays. This is kindest on nature. Note that parking overnight in the national park car parks is strictly prohibited. 


Do not use drones

We strongly advise against using drones in the Åsnen area. There is a high risk that you will disturb the lakes’ sensitive bird life. In the national park, drones must not take off or land. Other special rules apply. See Transportstyrelsen.

Bird protection and prohibited access

Åsnen has many bird protection areas, and areas in the nature reserves and national park where access is prohibited. Clear signs indicate what applies. Yellow signs mean that it is prohibited to enter the area. Yellow and red signs indicate that access is also prohibited to the surrounding water. All bird protection areas and access prohibitions are also marked on the ”Map of the Åsnen Area”.


Also act with care and caution towards Åsnen’s fauna outside the protected areas. Mere minutes in the wrong place risk spoiling the breeding for black-throated divers, ospreys and other sensitive species. Always leave places where breeding birds warn or protest your presence. If you canoe, stick to the Värendsleden route as much as possible. Be wary of birds to avoid disturbing breeding if you go ashore or stop to fish.


Park rangers from Åsnentillsynen patrol the lake to guard it and help visitors, informing them about relevant rules and regulations and check fishing licenses. Rangers are on duty mainly in summer, reachable by phone: +46 (0)70-202 22 51.

Beware of the fringed water lily

The fringed water lily (Nymphoides peltata) is a foreign invasive water plant which can cover large areas of the water surface and outcompete native aquatic plants. This in turn causes altered habitats in the water which affects aquatic animals. Fringed water lily also has a negative impact on birdlife, making it difficult for the birds to find food in the water.


We can all help to avoid it spreading. Read more in the information leaflet from Kronoberg County Administrative Board via the link.


Information on the fringed water lily

Protected species

The right of public access gives us the opportunity to do a lot, e.g. to be able to pick that lovely bouquet of wildflowers. But do you know which flowers are okay to take home? And that magnificent lichen on the tree trunk – well, we may not be allowed to touch it! We have about 50,000 known plant and animal species in Sweden, almost 600 are protected. Find out which species are protected, you will find the entire list here!
Keep in mind that in the national park and in nature reserves there may also be other rules.



Protected species in Sweden

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