Frequently asked questions

Here we have collected the most commonly asked questions that may arise before and during a visit to the Åsnen area. If you cannot find answers to your queries, you can contact a tourist information in Åsnen.

1. How do I get to Åsnen?

The easiest way to reach the Åsnen area is by car, but there are plenty of options. 
Here you find more information on how to travel to Åsnen.


2.  What will the weather be like?

There are several good apps and websites for weather forecasts., and are a few examples. It is good to keep in mind that the weather and wind can change quickly, especially if you are out on the lake. Nature is great to explore, even if it were to rain – just remember to bring a raincoat and waterproof shoes!


3. Which languages are spoken in the Åsnen area?

In addition to Swedish, many (if not most) people in Sweden also speak English. It is not uncommon that staff at tourist informations and other tourist facilities have additional language skills, e.g. German, Danish, Dutch and French. However, you will get very far with English when in Sweden!


4. Will my phone work in the Åsnen area?

When you are in the Åsnen area you have to remember that you are in the middle of nature and that the telephone masts might not always reach the whole way. Therefore, the mobile coverage in Åsnen can be quite uneven. In villages and cities, you often have full reception, while in rural areas you sometimes have no reception at all. See it as part of the relaxation (or perhaps rather, a perfect opportunity to disconnect for a while!) Many facilities around the lake, such as cafés and accommodations, offer free WiFi that you can connect to. Also, the EU ”roam like at home” rule means that you don’t have to pay any additional roaming fees when using your phone outside your home country, in any EU country. 


5. Where is the nearest ATM located?

ATMs are available in Tingsryd, Ryd, Alvesta and Växjö. Also, note that it is a good idea to bring a credit or debit card with you. Sweden is pretty much cashless, and many shops, transportations, restaurants and cafés only accept card or mobile payments. Check with your bank what will be most profitable for you.


6. Where is the nearest car rental located?

Car rental is mainly available in Växjö, but sometimes it is possible to pick up and drop off the car in other places. Contact a car rental place or a tourist information for more information. Some suggestions:,,,


7. In case of an accident or emergency – where is the nearest health center and / or hospital?

In emergencies: call SOS, 112


Centrallasarettet Växjö, Strandvägen 8, Växjö, +46 (0)470-58 80 00

Health Centres:

Tingsryd Vårdcentral, Storgatan 87, Tingsryd, +46 (0)477-79 48 50

Ryd Vårdcentral, Norra Hantverkaregatan 6, Ryd, +46 (0)459-59 40 00

Ingelstad Vårdcentral, Helenetorpsvägen 2, Ingelstad, +46 (0)470-58 94 00

Vårdcentralen Skärvet, Södra Järnvägsgatan 22, Växjö (Doctor on call), +46 (0)470-58 97 50


Pharmacies (Apotek) can be found at the health centres and the hospital. Supermarkets in the villages and cities generally also hold a basic pharmacy supply with e.g. pain relief medicine.


8. Where is the nearest supermarket, and how long are the shops open?

Grocery stores are located in most of the larger villages and in the cities. Look for ICA, Coop, Lidl, Willys and CityGross, which are among the largest grocery store chains in Sweden. The opening hours vary, but generally stores are open between 7 am to 6 pm (7.00-18.00). Some open later in the day, some are open longer, and some close earlier.


9. Where can I buy alcohol?

In Sweden, all alcoholic drinks containing more than 3.5% alcohol by volume are sold at a store called Systembolaget. You have to be over 20 to buy alcoholic drinks at Systembolaget, while the age limit for ordering alcohol in bars and restaurants is 18 years.
The nearest Systembolaget shops are located in Tingsryd, Alvesta and Växjö.


10. Where can I book accommodation in Åsnen?

Here you find a listing of all accommodation in Åsnen, and normally you book by contacting them directly. There are also several holiday home agencies that can help you find your perfect holiday accommodation, here are some suggestions; Stibes Stugförmedling, SwedCottages, Novasol, AirBnB.


11. Where do I rent kayaks or canoes?

Here is a list of kayak and canoe rentals. (NB! Don’t forget to bring the “Map of the Åsnen Area” if you plan to go out on the lake. It is easy to get lost among Åsnen’s islands, and the map also shows you where all bird protection areas/areas with prohibited access are located. The map is available at the rental places as well as the tourist offices in the area.)


12. Where do I rent a bicycle?

RentBike offers bicycle rental (mountain bikes, electric bikes & standard bikes) and bicycle transport, and cooperates with several companies in the Åsnen area. Click “Destinations” and see under “Åsnen” and “Småland” for the nearest locations.

Several accommodation facilities in the area also have bicycles which they rent to their guests.


13. Where do I find maps, brochures and other information?

Maps and other information material can be found at the tourist offices and InfoPoints in Åsnen.