How can I contribute to Åsnen's sustainability?

Our destination, Åsnen, is a fantastic place that we love to share with others. But we want it to be just as fantastic for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to visit in the future. For us to succeed, all aspects of sustainability – ecological, social and economic – are equally important factors, and we need everyone’s help. Both locals’ and visitors’. And it’s not rocket science, really – small steps go a long way when we all contribute! 


On this page we have listed some tips on how you can contribute while visiting or staying in the Åsnen area. We can almost assure that your pillow will feel a little softer and your heart warmer if you help us by making your visit a little  ”greener”, i.e. have sustainability in mind!

Shop local!

Support Åsnen’s local businesses by buying your groceries and other items you might need at a local shop. Through visitor consumption, shops in the countryside can offer more generous opening hours at other times of the year as well and can maintain service to locals. This sometimes gives teens opportunities for summer jobs too, which in turn is a great stepping-stone into work life for them! Visiting a local café in Åsnen is also a great way to support the businesses here.


We all need to think about reducing our waste, and many small steps combined go a long way. Did you know that littering actually is forbidden by law in Sweden? You are not allowed to throw away even the tiniest of scraps outdoors and could get fined if you do.


Listed below are a few ideas on how you can contribute to reducing waste – can you think of more?

  • Shop smart – buy only what you need and will use up
  • Bring any waste with you home. Do not leave it in nature, regardless how much or little it is or if it is compostable or not. Decomposition can take years!
  • Use reusable cups, cutlery, platters etc. and wash them afterwards instead of using paper cups or plates
  • Bring your own fabric bags when shopping, and try to buy items that are not wrapped in plastic or unnecessary paper. If you cannot bring your own bag, then resort to the ones made out of paper and recycle them once you don’t need them anymore
  • Separate your waste! In Sweden there are containers specifically for paper, plastic, metal, clear glass, coloured glass, light bulbs and batteries. Many of the campsites in Åsnen also provide these containers for their guests
  • Recycling facilities have containers for waste that cannot be sorted into above categories, such as wooden materials or hazardous waste
  • Be a good fellow human being and pick up trash you find in nature and throw it in the correct bin


Lots of energy (and let’s be honest – money!) can be saved when we reuse things instead of recycling them. Reusing what is possible is kinder to water and forest supplies, and reduces air pollution, pollution in general and waste, thus making it a more sustainable process. Reusing, or repurposing, includes buying and selling used goods in good condition or repairing them instead of throwing them away. Renting is another great way to (re)use an already existing product that you may only need for a limited amount of time or for a specific purpose, for example a tent, a mountain bike, or a fishing rod.

Bring your own bottle for great tap water

The tap water in Sweden is of very high quality and tastes good. An easy way to save on plastic (and money) is to bring your own water bottle and refill it with tap water. IF you still buy a plastic bottle of water at some point, make sure you leave it at a refundable station (basically every grocery shop has one) – then you will also receive a reward (1-2 Swedish krona) for your help because you have made sure that it will be recycled!


Show consideration while travelling on narrow roads in the Åsnen area – regardless of if you are in a car or camper van, on a motorcycle or bike, or even walking. The roads are shared by everyone! Keep speed limits, keep a safe distance to others in traffic, and don’t forget to enjoy the road you are on!



One of the most wonderful ways to experience Åsnen is by bike. For one you’re able to take in much more of the amazing nature that you’re in, but you are also contributing to reducing noise and air pollution and can discover roads and paths that you might have otherwise missed! is a perfect service if you don’t have your own bike with you. They offer all types of bikes and deliver them to the desired or agreed location.


Camp on a campsite instead of camping wild. Not only does it support the local economy and enables campsite owners to employ people, hire youths as summer workers etc., but it is better for the sensitive nature. The campsite fees are not high, and in Åsnen we can guarantee that all campsites are beautifully situated, close to or even smack in the middle of nature. Why not take the opportunity and try ”glamping”?! Or, if you really do want the wild camping experience – but without the risk of disturbing or destroying any sensitive, natural environments – stay at Hätteboda Wilderness Camp!


Click here to see all campsites in Åsnen


(Photo: one of the glamping tents with a lakeside view at Urshult Camping)

Carbon compensation

Do good when you travel!
One way is to climate-compensate carbon dioxide emissions.
Some different organisations that you can easily use:

UN Carbon offset platform

Destination Åsnen & Green Destinations

Destination Åsnen has cooperated with the international organisation Green Destinations since 2019. Green Destinations are accredited by Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is a global council initiated by the UN. They establish and manage international standards for sustainable tourism with the aim of increasing knowledge in the field among public and private operators. At an overall destination level, Åsnen has been awarded the Gold Award for sustainable work on various levels. Åsnen is also represented on Good Travel Guide, a website that presents and inspires travellers to visit places that actively work with sustainability around the world.

More tips on how you can help