ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in south Sweden - a travel guide

ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in South Sweden is an inspiring nature guidebook that presents the most interesting destinations in the area, with text, maps and photos. Flora and fauna are described in detail.


Included in the book is a natural almanac, the author’s personal stories, as well as tips on hiking and cycling trails. Our hope is that the book will shed light on this natural wealth and inspire to soft adventures in the Åsnen area that take into consideration the residents and landowners of the area, respect the fire bans and bird protection areas, and of course act with respect towards flora and fauna.


The book contains valuable facts for those who are passionate about flora and fauna. At the same time it is a great inspiration for curious beginners and those interested in nature in general.

The book is now available in an English edition and an updated Swedish version! New compared to the first edition is, amongst other things, a detailed section on Åsnen National Park and a list of species in three languages at the back of the book.


Approx. cost: 250 SEK. 

You can buy your copy here:
Kalvsviks lanthandel, Ålshults handelsbod, Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort, Huseby Bruk, Åsnenrökeriet, Urshults Hotell B&B, Alvesta kommun, Mjölknabbens Camping/Amys Café, Norraryds Camping, Alvesta bokhandel, IKEA Hotell, Hotell Rådmannen, ICA Nära Ryd


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Latest news & book updates

Here you will find information regarding changes and updates for the book ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in South Sweden.


Regarding the description of the hiking trail marked orange in Lunnabacken:

Part of the hiking trail goes outside the reserve boundary and is not in the condition it was while doing the inventory work for the book. Therefore, the walk may be experienced differently from the way it is described. In some places the signs are bad or missing altogether, and you might get lost on the trail. 


Regarding visits to Södra Aspö in Åsnen National Park:

There are future plans for a walking trail on Södra Aspö, but it is not yet finished. Please note that there is prohibited access to the island due to bird protection, and that it is prohibited to stay overnight.


The index, page 320:

Unfortunately, the page reference for Hericium coralloides is wrong. The correct page to read more about Hericium coralloides is page 26.

Government grants to local conservation projects were co-funders for the implementation of the first book project.
The English version of ’ÅSNEN Nature and National Park’ has been funded with funds from the European Regional Development Fund and Region Kronoberg.

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