Pack your backpack and lace your shoes. In Åsnen, nature and its paths are just a mere step away.

Travel at nature’s own pace! In Åsnen you walk under the shade of the greenery in centuries-old beech forests, over flowering meadows, along the rocky shoreline of the lake, and through Sweden’s newest national park. During the walk you are accompanied by memories from the past. The winding gravel road leads you over hundred-year-old stone bridges, and on meadows and along the roads grow fruit trees that have been cared for by local farmers for many generations. 


The nature in Åsnen offers everything from deep forests to sunny clearings, mysterious magic rocks and wonderful views. Here you walk on the old and disused railway embankment, on winding gravel paths with grassy strips in the middle, or perhaps on a narrow forest path between blueberry bushes and bushy fir trees. There are several marked hiking trails in the area’s nature reserves and in Åsnen National Park. When the night comes, you can stay overnight at a camp site with wind shelters, fireplaces and garbage disposal. If you want something a little more comfortable, you choose a hostel or a hotel instead. You bring your own food with you, or buy it in the nearest supermarket or farm shop. Åsnen has hiking experiences for everyone! Also – remember to stop sometimes and just enjoy all that nature has to offer.


The nature guidebook ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in South Sweden – a Travel Guide you will find tips and descriptions on hiking trails in the Åsnen area.