Explore Åsnen's neighbours

You do not have to travel very far from Åsnen to find other nuances and natural experiences. Here are some tips for some day trips in Åsnen’s immediate area! Read more about the places on the links provided or in the book ÅSNEN Nature, National Park and Wildlife in South Sweden – a Travel Guide.

Destinations 30-90 minutes from Åsnen

The Taglamyren nature reserve

Just west of Åsnen lies the Taglamyren nature reserve, one of the largest, most accessible courting grounds for black grouse in southern Sweden. In spring, around 20 males can often be seen here, and in April they are accompanied by brown-speckled females. Near the Taglamyren nature reserve car park there is both a lookout platform and a bird tower. Bring a spotted scope and you will be able to truly enjoy the display that usually begins at dawn.


Linnaeus’ Råshult

Råshult, birthplace of the world famous botanist Carl Linnaeus, offers an exciting journey back to the 18th century. The environments offer a view of the old, Swedish cultural landscape. The Råshult meadows are of great biodiversity and are amongst the most important in Småland for flowers, butterflies, wild bees and meadow fungi. Several trails lead from the farm into the surrounding cultural landscape, and you can also go for a walk in the large fruit and vegetable garden. Afterwards you can enjoy a traditional Småland Ostkaka in the organic café.


The Vithult nature reserve

Vithult is home to a type of environment that is normally distant and difficult to reach. The old-growth forest of the Vithult nature reserve is like a part of Lapland has been moved to southern Sweden. The nature is wild and offers, amongst others, coarse and gnarly pines, bilberry brush, heather tussocks and reindeer lichen. The rich bird life makes forest walks along marked paths all the more exciting, and perhaps you’ll even catch a glimpse of a moose.


Little rock lake zipline

Experience the forest from above! North of Åsnen lies Europe’s longest Zipline track with a total of over 4 km of wires in the forest. Hanging in a harness strapped to a wire, you whizz between tree tops and lakes at an impressive speed. ”Zipping” suits everyone between 5 and 99 years, but if ziplining is too much of an adventure for you, you can still climb up to the top of the highest tower, walk across the suspension bridge and enjoy the fascinating view of lakes and deep forests.


IKEA Museum

IKEA Museum can be experienced again and again. In addition to the interesting main exhibition showing IKEA’s journey, there are also temporary exhibitions that are changed twice a year. The museum is located in the building where the very first IKEA store once was located, and one corner of the museum is decorated as the current IKEA catalogue where you can pose yourself, press a button and bring a picture print with you home. Fun for young and old alike! In the restaurant at the museum, several different types of meatballs are served.


Destinations 1.5-3 hours from Åsnen


Just a few hours from Åsnen lies a new, different landscape. Öland’s environment is unique in Sweden and rare elsewhere in the world. The island’s flora and fauna is distinctive. It peaks at Öland’s southern cape where the Ottenby Bird Observatory is a world-class ornithological gem. On Öland you will also find Eckelsudde, one of the best places in Sweden to see seals. Don’t miss out on other unique sights such as the Royal Palace Solliden, Borgholm castle ruin, ancient forts, chapels, bathing beaches and much more.



Due south of Åsnen is Blekinge, often called Sweden’s garden. Here you will also find the largest safari park in the Nordic region, Eriksberg, where all activities are based on promoting and preserving animal and natural life and biodiversity. Inside an almost 1,000 hectare fenced area, large groups of red deer, fallow deer, wild boars and mouflons coexist with bison and Père David’s deer. Here you can go on a safari and see all the animals in a beautiful landscape with many oaks and other broadleaves. Eriksberg is a complete experience around animals, nature, accommodation and gastronomy.


Stenshuvud National Park

The national park is located in Skåne, about 2 hours south of Åsnen, and offers a rich palette of life and a varied environment. From the peak of the 97 metre Stenshuvud, you can see all the way to the Danish island of Bornholm. Below the grey, bare rock slab lies an environment evoking southern latitudes. Do pay a visit to the visitor centre, naturum, where there are exciting exhibitions. Several hiking trails also start there.


Kristianstad’s Vattenrike

Kristianstad’s Vattenrike is one of the most bird-rich areas of southern Sweden. The lower section of the river Helgeån brings life to the vast wetland mosaic, including the tussock meadows, reed belts and flood waters of Araslövssjöns and Hammarsjön, as well as the lagoons and seashores of the Äspet nature reserve. In the midst of the aquatic world lies the city of Kristianstad, with its canals, church steeples and exciting naturum.