Maps can be a great tool to bring with you when going on trips. In Åsnen there are different maps with different purposes. On this page, we explain what kind of material is available and where to get hold of it!

The Åsnen map

The Åsnen map is is published annually by the non-profit association Destination Åsnen, and shows the geographical area of Åsnen and it lists a number of activities, accommodations, shops and places that offer food and coffee. The map is free and can be found at various businesses in the Åsnen area and at the tourist informations.


Download the map as a PDF here.


Please note – this map works well for a general overview of the area. If you’re planning on kayaking or canoeing on the lake you must buy the map published by Länsstyrelsen Kronoberg (Kronoberg County Administrative Board); ”Karta över Åsnenområdet” (Map of the Åsnen Area). If you’re going out on the lake by boat you are recommended to buy the digital nautical chart – read more about both maps below.

Map of the Åsnen area

The Map of the Åsnen Area (”Karta över Åsnenområdet” in Swedish), is published by the Kronoberg County Administrative Board and is available for purchase at various businesses in the Åsnen area and at the tourist informations. 


The map is an absolute must if you’re going out on the lake as it shows both bird protection areas and access bans, as well as canoe rest stops and an approximate water depth. (For a detailed chart/depth map, read more in the next paragraph below.) Åsnen is a wonderful but shallow and rocky lake with more than 1000 islands, and the map is a cheap and good tool for being safe and secure out on the water, as well as for protecting the fragile nature and wildlife.

Digital nautical chart/depth map

Åsnens FVO have done a huge job and produced a nautical chart of Åsnen which now is also available digitally (for Lowranceplotter). The map shows all the information that may be needed when travelling on the lake for a safe experience – e.g. fairways, rocks, borders for nature reserves & bird protection areas, depth curves, etc.


Buy the digital nautical chart at Sportfiskekartor or CityFiske in Växjö (websites in Swedish).


The nautical chart is available in paper format – note, however, that the digital nautical chart has a better richness of detail.