Unique experiences through a guided tour

No matter which of all the guided tours offered in the Åsnen area you choose, you can be confident that you will meet a knowledgeable and experienced guide who is passionate about their special field. With great knowledge of the Åsnen area, they will take you on unforgettable experiences and to places you otherwise might not have seen, always with utmost respect for the raw material: nature and the animals living in it.

How many can say that they have been on an osprey safari and seen one of Åsnen’s most beautiful birds, without having disturbed the sensitive species? Here you can find and choose from a variety of guided tours – everything from bird watching and fishing, to cycling, kayaking and horseback riding. Here you get nature for real.

Ad metam storytelling - storytelling walks

Learn about Åsnen’s legends and mystical creatures together with Vibeke Hyltén-Cavallius. Vibeke offers storytelling walks in different places around Åsnen, such as Trollberget and Bjurkärr in Åsnen National Park, and Getnö Gård. Some storytelling walks are especially aimed at children! The storytelling walks are held in English or Swedish.

Ad Metam Storytelling

Activities at Norraryds camping

Book guided bike tours and guided kayak tours in Åsnen with Emese from Norraryds camping/Sydsvenska äventyr. If you need to refresh, or want to work on your kayaking skills, you can also book a special kayak course for that aim. It is possible to rent a kayak (or bike) for a trip on your own as well.

Norraryds camping

Åsnenguiderna at Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort

At Getnö you can book guided boat tours in Åsnen National Park and osprey safaris. Those who like to fish also find a varied selection of guided tours, e.g. night fishing for pike-perch and pike safari. Other examples of guided tours you can book through Åsnenguiderna are guided fungi tours, or guided kayak tours in Åsnen. If you want to venture out on your own, a combination of biking and kayaking can be fun!

Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort

Riding at Ranch52

Melanie at Ranch52 offers guided riding tours for both beginners and more experienced equestrians in wonderful, Småland setting. At Ranch52, you ride secure horses in comfortable saddles. Melanie has extensive experience in equestrian sports and is also a trained equine therapist. Here you can also book a riding holiday with accommodation and fishing packages.

Ranch 52

Huseby Bruk combines nature and culture

Huseby Bruk offers a beautiful manor house setting with the history of an ironworks. During summer, you can book ”Castle yoga” with Maria Ståhl, yoga and meditation teacher. It is also possible to book guided tours of the castle, and if you want it to be extra luxurious you add Afternoon tea or a royal dinner! Huseby have a wide variety of activities all year round.

Huseby Bruk

Småland Sportfiske

Småland Sportfiske offer guided fishing tours in different types of waters and with different types of techniques, such as spin fishing, vertical fishing etc. Maximum two guests per guide boat, and lunch is included in the tours.

Småland Sportfiske

Certified Nature Guides

The Åsnen area in South Småland was first in Sweden to train Certified Nature Guides through the Naturturismföretagen. Five guides received the certification, a quality assurance which means that the guide has a high level of competence when it comes to hospitality, safety and sustainable nature experiences. The certification also is proof that the guide knows the craft, i.e., knows how to guide.


Three of the certified guides are active within the Åsnen area:

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