Accessible destinations

Several of the environments have been made available in Åsnen National Park and the opportunities for strong experiences are plenty. All visitors should be able to experience the national park in one way or another. Walking trails with good accessibility in the national park are marked yellow. From the national park entrance in Sunnabron that has  accessible lakeside wooden decks and wind shelters, a flat, wide trail leads to Bjurkärr. The rest stop at Bjurkärr marks the start of another trail to the most valuable broadleaf forest on the peninsula. Along the walking trail Skogsslingan, an observation platform with a ramp was built in order for e.g. wheelchairs and prams/strollers to come closer to the water. At national park entrance Trollberget there are also accessible trails to the national park entrance and along the shore of Åsnen, as well as a lakeside wooden deck and wind shelter. Besides the park entrances, there are also picnic areas and seating/benches in Bjurkärr, as well as along several of the trails.


  • The car park in the main entrance Sunnabron holds about 40 passenger cars and two buses. There is also parking for disabled persons and bicycle parking. By the car park you also find information signs, toilets and waste disposal bins.
  • By the car park in Bjurkärr there are 15 parking spaces for passenger cars as well as parking for disabled persons and two buses. Bicycle parking, toilets, waste disposal, barbecue area and a wind shelter is also available.
  • The car park in entrance Trollberget holds about 20 passenger cars and two buses. Disabled parking for two mini buses is available closer to the information site and the lake. There are also toilets and waste disposal bins. Bicycle parking, wind shelter, lakeside wooden deck and barbecue areas are located next to the information area along the Banvallsleden trail.


Several other places in the Åsnen area are accessible to the disabled. Here are some tips:
  • The lower road from the nature reserve Husebymaden car park to the bird tower is wide and flat and offers a good view of the wetlands.
  • The nature reserve Torne bokskog can be experienced for instance via the Banvallsleden trail which is wide and flat.
  • At nature reserve Agnäs a wide and easily accessible forest road leads through the area.
  • From the village Ulvö it is easy to follow the Banvallsleden trail south to Ulvåsen and further along the old railbed, towards Åsnen’s beautiful waterworld mosaic, the Toftåsa peninsula and Toftåsa myr, part of Åsnen National Park.
  • The meadow orchards at Tåget, north of Törnabygd, are also accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.