Fire prohibition

Is there a fire ban where I am? Making fires in nature is not always allowed!


Forest fires spread easily. Their consequences may be catastrophic. Especially to islands, bare rock and other sensitive environments, as well as for animal life and breeding birds. 


In the Åsnen area, open fires are ALWAYS prohibited between April 1 and September 30.

You are not allowed to make fires on Åsnen’s islands, as well as along the beaches of the lake, 100 metres inland from the water’s edge. The only exceptions are designated fire pits, found, amongst other places, adjacent to the national park entrances as well as cycling and canoeing routes in the area. You must naturally observe great caution there as well. You need to bring your own firewood. When you pay for an overnight stay at a campsite, firewood is included in the price. You must not take bark or wood from living trees or otherwise damage nature and land. Respect landowners and prevailing regulations.


Also note that during periods of extensive drought, open fires are often prohibited throughout the entire Åsnen area due to great fire risks. In the event of a fire ban, all open fire is normally prohibited. Sometimes the ban also includes the use of your own grills. We will post an alert at the top of our website, and you can always check the Kronoberg County Administrative Board site for current fire bans.


Those who light fires must also prevent them from spreading and causing forest fires. Always take great care to put fires out. Carelessly extinguished fires may resume, damaging sensitive flora and fauna.