Going to the toilet in nature

It is said that necessity knows no law. But it will be a much more pleasant experience for yourself and for all, if you cover your ”tracks” when out in nature.

It is no surprise, really, that it can be difficult to find access to a toilet when out in the wild. There are toilets available in some of the nature reserves, as well as in the national park. These are located by Sunnabron, Bjurkärr, Trollberget and the Utsikten wind shelter. If you still need to go to the bathroom while out in nature, please keep in mind the following.


Bring toilet paper

The most important thing to remember is to bring is toilet paper, and that you shouldn’t use too much of it. No one likes finding lots of toilet paper in nature. Hand sanitizer is another clever thing to bring with you. Here are three tips for going to the bathroom in nature:

Method 1: Find a little hole/burrow

Find a hole/burrow under a tree or a stone or similar. Execute your needs. Hide the faeces and toilet paper in the hole with a stick, and cover the hole with twigs and moss. Cover generously, the worst thing to find in the forest is toilet paper that is flying around.

Method 2: Make a cairn

If you are near lots of rocks you can lift some of them and create a kind of cairn. Perform your needs in the hole. Then put the rocks over the faeces and toilet paper. A clever method if you are out in the archipelago. (Remember that you should not take rocks from or damage stonewalls or similar.) 


Method 3: Dig a hole

Bring a garden shovel (there are cheap and light ones made out of plastic) and dig a little hole. Perform your needs. Put the dirt back. It is by far the best-looking method, but requires that you have a shovel at your disposal.


The most important thing then, to summarise: Cover your residues! Think about the next visitor! (And, of course, The Right of Public Access.)