Do I need to wear a life vest in the canoe? Where do I go, or who do I call, if I fall off my bike and hurt myself? Åsnen is a safe area and spending time in nature is amazing in every way. But as with all nature experiences, it is good to be aware of possible risks, and how you can prevent accidents in a smart way.

Åsnen's waters - a few tips

  • Åsnen’s waters with all islands, bays and the low average depth makes it easy to get lost and misjudge distances. Always bring the ”Map of the Åsnen Area” when you set out to kayak, canoe or boat. The map can be bought at the tourist informations in the area.


  • Respect the bird protection sites in the lake. These are marked by buoys and signs, as well as on the ”Map of the Åsnen Area”. Also, be careful not to paddle, row or go into areas where the fringed water lily grows. Be an example to others on the lake!

  • Respect the fire prohibition in Åsnen. Between April 1 and September 30, open fires are not allowed on Åsnen’s islands, as well as along the beaches of the lake, 100 metres inland from the water’s edge. Do not build your own fire pits but use the designated fire and grill pits. Also respect landowners and do not destroy trees or land. Forest fires spread easily and in addition to large land damage, there is a risk that animals or even people will suffer.

    Also note that during periods of extensive drought, open fires are often prohibited throughout the entire Åsnen area.


  • Give information to someone before you set out on the water regarding how long you intend to be out and your approximate route. Keep in mind that weather and wind can change quickly when you are out on the water.


  • Do not stand up in canoes and always wear a life vest in canoes, kayaks and boats, whether you are able to swim or not. If you are not able to swim, you should use a lifejacket. It helps to turn you onto your back, which an ordinary life vest does not.

If an accident should occur

In emergencies: Call SOS, 112


Centrallasarettet Växjö, Strandvägen 8, Växjö, +46 (0)470-58 80 00

Health Centres:

Tingsryd Vårdcentral, Storgatan 87, Tingsryd, +46 (0)477-79 48 50

Ryd Vårdcentral, Norra Hantverkaregatan 6, Ryd, +46 (0)459-59 40 00

Ingelstad Vårdcentral, Helenetorpsvägen 2, Ingelstad, + 46 (0)470-58 94 00

Vårdcentralen Skärvet, Södra Järnvägsgatan 22, Växjö (Doctor on call), +46 (0)470-58 97 50


Pharmacies can be found at the health centres and the hospital. Food stores in the villages generally also hold a basic pharmacy supply with e.g. pain relief medication.