Visit the national park

Just as in all other natural environments, you should be careful and respectful whilst visiting.

The Right of Public Access and regulations in Åsnen National Park

Stay overnight

Options for staying overnight are very limited in the national park. The campsite Utsikten close to the national park entrance in Trollberget is the only location where overnight stays are permitted all year round. The campsite lies along the Banvallsleden cycling route, a 5-10 minute walk from the park entrance. Here you will find a wind shelter and toilet as well as a tent pitch. Space is limited and intended for individuals visiting the national park or travelling along the Banvallsleden cycling trail, or the Värendsleden canoe route. Therefore, you may only stay one night at the campsite between 18.00-10.00.


Between September 15 and April 30 you may also camp overnight in Zone B of the national park, excluding Bjurkärr. On the national park website is a map showing which areas are part of Zone B. Here, you are also limited to one night stay, 18.00-10.00.


Cooking and campfire sites

You may only make fires at designated campfire sites, with your own, or provided, firewood. Outdoor stoves may be used in the entire area, but be aware of fire hazards and take care not to damage the ground or environment. By the Sunnabron and Trollberget park entrances as well as the rest stop in Bjurkärr, firewood is provided at the campfire sites.


To pick or not to pick?

You may not damage or take living or dead plants, mosses or lichens. You are however, allowed to pick berries and mushrooms, except on the Bjurkärr peninsula, where it is prohibited.


Motor vehicles

You may only drive motor vehicles on public roads. The only exceptions are electric vehicles and similar aids. The national park has several trails accessible for the disabled.



Special rules apply on the lake. The maximum speed for motorboats outside fairways is 5 knots. For motorboats within fairways, see the official website for Åsnen National Park. Houseboats, jetskis and similar vehicles are prohibited.



Aircrafts, drones or similar may not take off or land in the national park.



You may only ride on public roads.



You may cycle, but you must of course respect other visitors and the environment. Bicycle parking spaces are available at the national park entrances.



Dogs are allowed inside the national park but must always be on a leash. This rule also applies to other pets.


Bird protection and access prohibitions

Some areas have particularly strict protection, to allow birds to breed and raise their young in peace. Between April 1 and July 31, access to the bird protection areas of the national park is therefore prohibited. These are clearly marked on maps of the national park and with signs.



Fishing is allowed in the national park. However, you must have a valid fishing license. Fishing licenses are available through iFiske.