How long does the battery last?

Well, that’s perhaps the most difficult question – it depends on how much you use your legs and how much support you choose to get from the battery. There are 5 different power modes, so you can choose the level of assistance you want from the 7-speed e-bikes. If you’re planning to cycle a long distance, why not take the opportunity to stop for lunch or a coffee on the way and ask to charge your battery at the same time? Be prepared to pay a small fee.


Children must wear helmets (and we recommend them for adults too)!

In Sweden, all children and young people under 15 years of age must wear a helmet by law when cycling or getting a lift on a bike. A helmet is included when you rent a child’s bike! But why stop at 15? Protect yourself whatever your age and rent a helmet with your bike!


Roads and bike routes!

The e-bikes are equipped with ‘normal’ tyres and are suitable for both asphalt and gravel roads. If a road is paved with coarse macadam or rough gravel, it may be advisable to get off and walk to reduce the risk of a flat tire. Around Åsnen, there are several car-free bike routes that are safe choices when cycling with children. Each rental location also includes tips for bike tours and places to visit in the area. Keep in mind that many of the roads are narrow and shared by campers, bicycles, cars and motorcycles; this is particularly important to consider if you are cycling with children.


How fast can you go on an e-bike?

If you want to relax, take in your surroundings and enjoy the company of your group, you can expect to travel at about 15 km per hour. This is a similar speed to cycling without battery assistance!


What if I get a flat tire?

Renting a pink e-bike gives you the exclusive benefit of assistance in the case of a flat tire or other breakdown. You will receive a contact number with your booking confirmation. You can receive help free of charge during daytime hours from 8.30 am to 6 pm. Assistance is not available if your battery has run out and needs to be recharged! For your safety, all bikes are equipped with a GPS tag in case you need assistance with a flat tire!


How much does it cost?

It costs SEK 300 per day to rent a pink e-bike. Payment is made by card at the time of booking. When you book, you may also have the option to book a coffee package or picnic lunch. Be aware that these extras may need to be booked further in advance than the bikes! This is stated in the information for the respective rental location. As an exclusively offer for those who book an e-bike in Åsnen this summer, you can buy the nature guide book ‘ÅSNEN – Nature, National Park and Wildlife’ at half price! Here you’ll find exciting hidden gems to visit with your bike!


How do I book?

Click on the button below to go to the booking page. Here you can choose where to pick up and drop off your e-bike. You will see a list of possible pick-up / drop-off locations and the number of bikes available on the day you want to book. If you want a bike helmet, you can book one here. For children’s bikes, helmets are always included! Some companies also offer lunch or coffee packages! Keep in mind that these may need to be booked further in advance than the bikes. When you’ve made your selections, you’ll be taken to the card payment screen. Once you’ve completed your booking and payment, you will receive a confirmation to the email address provided.

Please note that opening hours may differ between drop-off points; you must return the bike within the specified opening hours.


How do I cancel my booking, and what does it cost?

If you are unable to make your reservation and need to cancel your booking, you must do so at least 24 hours before the booked pick-up time. A cancellation fee of 60 SEK applies.


If the bike becomes damaged!

Once you have collected your bike, it is your responsibility to take care of it. You will be provided with a lock; you must always lock the bike if you leave it somewhere. It is your responsibility to return the bike in the same condition as you received it. Bikes can be washed at any of the drop-off and pick-up points. In the event that something happens to your bike, you will have to claim on your private home insurance.



The e-bike service around Åsnen has been made possible through collaboration with Region Kronoberg’s sustainability project Transporteffektivt Kronoberg.


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