Download GPX files for your hike or bike ride

By downloading a GPX file to your phone, you get a route to follow on your hike or cycle tour. If a hiking or cycling tour has a GPX file, it will be located at the end of the introduction text of each tour.

How to download a GPX file onto your smartphone

  1. If you don’t already have an app on your phone that can read GPX files, there are plenty of options available for free where you download your apps. One app that is easy to use, free and used by many is called GPX Viewer. Search for it and download to your phone.
  2. Download the GPX file for the route you want to hike or cycle, see below.
  3. You will most likely be asked which program (app) you want to use to open the file once it’s downloaded. Choose your navigation app (e.g. GPX Viewer).
  4. The hike or cycle tour is now saved on your smartphone and can be started once you’re ready to begin your tour. The app will not give you instructions on how to cycle or hike, but will show you your position and the route. Some routes also have information and recommendations for nice stops and rest areas, etc.