A fishing paradise for everyone

Imagine 15 000 hectares of water speckled by nearly one thousand islands and with a long winding shoreline. A true fresh water archipelago offering you rich fishing and exciting nature adventures. Ideal both for dedicated anglers and families on holiday who would rather stand ashore with a fishing rod.


In Åsnen, about 20 species of fish swim according to test fishing, but who really knows if there are more that hide in all the lake’s bays. There is plenty of pike and perch, but there is also roach, pike perch, rudd, vendace, bream, tench, smelt, white bream, gudgeon, brown trout and ide, amongst others. It is uncertain whether Småland’s county fish, the Wels catfish is still present. The latest find was made in 1965. 



Åsnen offers top-of-the-line sport fishing from land and by boat. Ice fishing in winter is also popular. In many places you can fish from a lakeside jetty or from the shoreline, but show consideration for private facilities, private land and fixed gear. If you have your own boat with you, there are several boat ramps around the lake, for example in Torne and Hulevik, but it is also possible to rent a boat or canoe to fish from. Don’t forget to bring along the ”Map of the Åsnen Area” (available at tourist offices or when renting a boat) or a digital nautical chart – Åsnen is a shallow and rocky lake, and the map also shows the lake’s bird protection areas that you are not permitted to enter.


Fishing licenses and rules

All fishing in Åsnen requires a license. The fishing licenses are bought online at iFiske.com, at a tourist office or a local shop or tourism facility in the Åsnen area. Also study the rules that apply when fishing in Åsnen, minimum measurements of caught fish, sustainable fishing etc. In addition to the ”Map of the Åsnen Area” we also recommend to bring Åsnen Fishing Association’s dedicated fairway map, available for purchase where licenses are sold. A digital nautical chart is also available for purchase. Find out more about the maps and fishing rules at asnensvo.se.