Fishing at Hönshyltefjorden

Fishing licence
– Bengtssons Järnhandel Ryd (has temporarily limited opening hours, call 0459-800 11)
– ICA Nära Ryd (they have a deep map to photograph)
– Norraryds Camping
– (click on the link below)

Fishing species
Perch, pike, silver bream, zander, common bream, burbot, common rudd, tench, eel and ruffe.

Fishing method and tackle
Hand-held, jig, bait.

Boat rental
Bengtssons Järnhandel +46 (0)459-800 11 (has temporarily limited opening hours)
Norraryds Camping +46 (0)70-545 08 49

Boat ramp
In Ryd and also in the south part of the lake.

NOTE! Beware of fringed water lily
The fringed water lily is a foreign invasive water plant which can cover large areas
of the water surface and outcompete native aquatic plants. This in turn causes
altered habitats in the water which affects aquatic animals. Fringed water lily also
has a negative impact on birdlife, making it difficult for the birds to find food in
the water. The fringed water lily affects water quality by increasing the amount
of organic matter. This in turn affects water quality with lower oxygen levels and
increased amount of nutrients. Outdoor activities are also adversely affected, as
dense colonies of fringed water lily can prevent people from swimming, fishing
and boating. Control measures to eradicate the invasive water plant are carried out
in Lake Åsnen and Mörrumsåns catchment area.
The fringed water lily originates from Central Europe and Asia. The plant was introduced to Sweden in the late nineteenth century and has been used as an ornamental plant in ponds and has now spread to several lakes and rivers in the south
of Sweden. Fringed water lily has fringed yellow petals, flowering July to August.
The leaves are rounded, with wavy edges and a size up to 10 centimeters.