Fishing at Lake Åsnen

Fishing licences
– Bengtssons Järnhandel Ryd
– Cityfiske Mörnes väg, Växjö (also sell deep maps)
– getnö – Lake Åsnen resort (also sell deep maps)
– Kalvsviks lanthandel (also sell deep maps)
– Kärrasand camping
– Norraryds camping
– Småland Sportfiske, Tingsryd (also sell deep maps)
– Toftahult B&B
– Torne camping
– Urshult camping, Rävabacken (säljer även djupkartor)
– Lindgrens Urshult (also sell deep maps)
– (follow the link below).

Fish species
Pike, perch, pike-perch/walleye , eel, burbot, whitefish.
Good pike-perch fishing.
Pike-perch fishing is not permitted in May.
Maximum 2 fishes, pike-perch or pike, per fishing licens and day.

Minimum and Maximum dimensions
Pike-perch: 45 – 70 cm, Eel, min 70 cm, Pike 50 – 80 cm, Salmon trout min 40 cm

Hand-held and during season ice/jig fishing
Trolling (2 rods/fishing license)

Boat to rent
Urshults camping 0477-202 43
Mjölknabbens camping 070-542 84 55
Getnö Gård 0477-240 11
Torne Camping 0470-754120
Navigating a boat requires a good Åsnen map due to stones between islands

Boat ramps
Hulevik, Esbjörnamåla/Ursö, Sirköbro, Kärrasand. Sirköbro, code lock call 070-245 45 33

Comfortable fishing from several docks. Possible to fish from shore.
Rangers patrols the lake: Call 070-202 22 51 for contact.

Bevare of fringed water lily!
Do not take boats or canoes through or close to colonies of
fringed water lily.
Do not fish in or close to colonies.
Do not swim through colonies, due to risk of drowning.
Be sure to clean boats, canoes and fishing gear of any plant
parts and collect the plant parts carefully to avoid spreading
into the water.
Do not pick up or move fringed water lily.
Please note that see traffic is prohibited in certain areas
due to the presence of fringed water lily.