Nature reserve Hackekvarn

The area consists of land from the villages Hackekvarn and Östra Elmehult. The area consists mostly of forest, partly of beech wood and partly of spruce forest that is heavily affected by storms. Pastures and a small meadow is located in the middle of the reserve.

The forest and the trees in the pasture has very high conservation values. Here you’ll find large oak trees, lindens, elmes, ashes and pollard trees, dead wood, and several rare lichens on the trees. Pasture tree and pruned trees have a long historical continuity in the area and there are favorable conditions for rare wood-dwelling insects.

Just west of the reserve is a streaming environment where you’ll find the thick-shelled river mussel. Some of the fjord Havbältesfjorden is also included in the reserve and here is also the chance to see gudgeon and chub.