The Canoe Trail Värendsleden

The Värendsleden is a 120 km (74.6 miles) long canoe trail stretching from Asa in the north, along lakes Helgasjön, Salen and Åsnen and finally through the river Mörrumsån down in the south. The trail offers a lot of variety with both lakes and rivers and over calm waters as well as fast flowing sections. The part in the lake Åsnen leads through a fantastic archipelago. Canoeing the entire trail takes about 7 days. However, many choose to paddle shorter segments, day trips or just a short tour.

NOTE! Värendsleden passes through sites with high conservation value and a rich birdlife. Detailed map over the Åsnen region is therefore strongly recommended! These maps are available for sale at the tourist offices and in several locations around the lake.