Spend time in nature

Looking for space, silence and nature? Åsnen is exactly the right place!

Whether you’re looking for adventures or just want to explore the beautiful Åsnen nature, you’re in the right place! There’s lots to see and do in the amazing outdoors, and in Åsnen there is space for everyone, without it ever being crowded. Breathe clean air and be amazed by the silence. Keep reading to find out some of our best tips.

1. Biking

Biking along Åsnen’s beaches and winding roads is an experience difficult to beat and a great way to travel within the destination! The cycle tour Åsnen runt, ‘Åsnen around’, is a 140 km circuit around Åsnen, and you can choose to cycle parts of the trail or even book a 4-day package tour. Clear signs make the route easy to follow and the trail will take you through beautiful environments that offer lots of interesting sights.


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2. Just be

An activity that is suitable for everyone, and that is possible pretty much everywhere around Åsnen, is something as simple as just beingJust be outdoors. Take in and connect with nature through all your senses. Feel how your stress levels go down as you become one with nature and all it has to offer. Let nature refresh and rejuvenate you. It truly can do wonders.


Some great places to just be and enjoy nature.

3. Kayaking

The ultimate feeling of freedom – kayaking through the peaceful inland archipelago. It’s definitely the most scenic way to discover Åsnen, we’d say! If canoeing is more of your thing, then that is possible (and recommended) too, of course. The sound of human activity is rare, so you’ll probably only be surrounded by bird sounds and the sound of water against the rocks and shores of the lake. Amazing, right? 


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