Canoeing and kayaking in Åsnen

It only takes that first dip of the paddle in the lake for you to know that a marvellous adventure is waiting. Here, nature stands for the obvious: silence and mighty experiences.

Nature for real

Canoeing or kayaking across the waters of Åsnen may be the most scenic way to experience the lake. Suddenly, you will reach a different world, in many ways hidden from the mainland. The sound of human activity is rare and the number of buildings negligible. To paddle a canoe or kayak in Åsnen is to become part of history. People have travelled in these waters since the Stone Age and in the surroundings, you find evidence of the lives of past generations. Pull up your canoe at the beach of the island Bergön in Åsnen National Park. The uninhabited island hosts a red farmstead from the 1800s, surrounded by both leafy trees, conifers and huge boulders. Here, you can enjoy you picnic basket before you paddle on.

Sensitive bird life

With canoeing and kayaking in Åsnen comes a great responsibility. Many of the birds on the lake nest on islands and islets and are very sensitive to disturbance. Therefore, during spring and summer, bird protection areas prohibit access to certain parts of Åsnen. These are marked on the “Map of the Åsnen Area” which you can find at the tourist offices as well as the boat and kayak rental places in the area. Even short disturbances run a great risk of spoiling breeding, costing Åsnen both beauty and biodiversity. It is therefore important that you respect all bird protection areas and are aware of bird life when you stop for a break. Preferably, do not go ashore on small islands during the April-July breeding season. Also respect the fire prohibition in the Åsnen area between 1 April to 30 September. It is not allowed to make fires 100 m from the shoreline, to build your own fire pits or to damage living trees. Respect prevalent regulations and landowners to safeguard our beautiful nature. Read more on common sense in nature in the Åsnen area.


The canoe trail Värendsleden

From conifer-clad heights and vast rift valley lakes to the Åsnen plains, leafy forests and islands. The 120 km long Värendsleden trail begins in Asa north of Växjö and ends in Granö south of Ryd. The trail mainly follows Åsnen’s western beach, passing several beautiful locations such as Huseby Bruk and Åsnen National Park. You can stay overnight at one of the several campsites along the trail that have tent pitches, dry toilets, waste disposal and campfire sites. Staying at the prepared campsites costs 40 SEK and is paid for in cash or with camping cheques which can be bought at e.g. Getnö Gård Lake Åsnen Resort and Torne camping. Värendsleden, rules and more tips are described in the nature guidebook.

Remember that the Right of Public Access applies in nature, and that there are different rules in the national park. 


Åsnen is a large lake that often changes with the weather. Mirror-like, calm waters can become difficult and dangerous very quickly. We recommend kayaking in preference to canoeing if heading away far from the shore. In such conditions, many consider kayaks safer than canoes. Check current weather forecasts and always use a life vest! Always tell someone when you are going on a canoe trip, what your route will be and when you expect to be back. When going out on the lake, you should always bring a current map of Åsnen, clearly specifying canoe routes and bird protection areas.



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