Hiking in Åsnen's deciduous forests

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Hiking through one of the largest and most tranquil deciduous forests in the Åsnen area. Agnäs Nature Reserve is not as widely visited as Bjurkärr just to the south. This means that you can often walk quite undisturbed here, captivated by the deciduous forests. You can choose between two loops. The first is marked in blue and consists mainly of paths, with some short sections on forest roads. The tour is approx. 3.6 km and takes you past a large flat rock with breath-taking views over Åsnen.

The other follows small forest roads through the deciduous forests, perfect if you have a pram or walking frame or if your shoes simply aren’t suitable for the forest path! The loop is approx. 3.2 km and, although it’s not marked in nature, is easy to follow.

 Both paths start from a small car park. Please drive carefully and show consideration on the final stretch of road as it passes through a private farm.


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Download GPX-fil for hiking in Agnäs, skogsvägen


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Ice hair

Ice Hair, Goblin Beard, Ice Cotton – these natural formations have many pet names! These truly are small natural wonders and real works of art. You can find them on wet, rotten tree stumps of deciduous trees, often oak and beech, which are common here. To form, the tree must be attacked by fungi and the temperature zero or just below with no snow. Look at and enjoy them, but please resist the urge to touch so others can have the chance to experience this phenomenon!

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Year-round greenery!

Agnäs has one of the largest and most beautiful deciduous forests in the Åsnen area. When the leaves have opened in the spring, it feels like walking in a gigantic hall with a shimmering light-green roof. But even during other times of the year, there’s other greenery to enjoy. Pore fungus and moss add colour even in winter; that’s if the snow hasn’t covered them in a white blanket!

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The stone slabs invite you to a sunset

On the west side of the small headland, you’ll find this stone slab – a perfect place to pause, reflect and perhaps enjoy a coffee before continuing onwards! The stone slab faces west, so you’ll also be able to experience the wonderful sunsets from it. Otter droppings have been found here. Did you know that they smell of violets? Unfortunately, it’s rare to see otters; more commonly you can see ospreys, black-throated divers and the mighty sea eagle.

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Varied but easy walking

Agnäs offers varied nature, which suddenly gives way to towering boulders that rise like a natural fort in the forest. This is one of the areas in which you can find lung lichen on the trunks of the beech trees, a sign that the air you breathe in Agnäs is exceptionally clean! The loop doesn’t have big changes in elevation. The boulders are passed from below!

A tasty coffee is the icing on the cake!

Bring coffee or lunch with you into nature or visit a café along the way! Check the opening times carefully in autumn, winter and spring – they can vary. Many open for Easter, others in May. Weekend opening is common in the spring, which is then later extended to all days.

If you’re driving from Växjö, we can recommend Toftastrand Konditori, which has a drive in where you can pick up masterfully made baked goods or picnic sandwiches on your way to Åsnen! Open all year round.

Elisabeths Trädgård Restaurang & Café at Huseby Bruk offers local delicacies, often based on seasonal ingredients from the kitchen garden. Home-baked goods, sandwiches and lunches are available to eat in or take away! Season opening in Easter.

In Grimslöv, just north of Agnäs, you’ll find Grimslövs Wärdshus, which serves a well-cooked meal of the day, and Farmors Gårdsbod, which sells homemade chocolate creams, ice cream flavoured with berries from the farm and green and other local produce to take with you. Open all year round.

Vrankunge Trädgård serves both food and coffee, and is just a stone’s throw from Agnäs. Flowers, local produce and, not least, hearty home-baked goods, sandwiches and Småland coffee are available.

In Torne you’ll find Torne Lanthandel, where you can buy a cup of coffee, ice cream or stock up on supplies for your rucksack. Open all year round.

If you’re coming from the south, a stop at Ålshults Kulturcafé can be a nice option. An attractive mix of shop, café and restaurant. Season opening at Easter.