Hiking amongst blueberries and ospreys on Getnö island

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Getnö is a historic island. People have been fascinated with it as far back as the old Vikings, whose remnants can still be found to this day. Those who visit the area today are greeted by different choices! You can see the beautiful forests, proximity to the water, and footpaths in varied surroundings, as well as the activities, accommodation and café at Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort. The blue loop, which offers a chance to see both linnaeas and ospreys, is approx. 4.5 km. At Lantcaféet café it’s easy to buy a picnic hamper to take with you, or why not stop for a coffee in the outside serving area before or after your tour? There are a further two signposted loops of 4 and 3 km respectively. These can be connected for a longer tour.


Get the route directly in your phone – here’s how you do it!

Download GPX file for hiking on Getnö here


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Reception and lantcafé

Start your hike at the reception and Lantcaféet at Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort. Here you can buy a picnic hamper to take with you on your tour or eat in the outside serving area. If you’ve brought a rucksack, you can of course put it in there.

You can get a map of the trail from the reception, a good complement to the trail markings and GPX file that’s available to download on your mobile. You’ll start the tour by passing the car park and then following the road down to the camping area; keep right and you’ll reach the start of the trail. 

Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort

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Start of the marked trails

This is where the markings for the different trails begin. There is also a service building with a toilet at the start of the route. The blue tour is approx. 4.5 km, measured from the reception and back. Follow the markings – these are sometimes in the shape of a blue owl and sometimes a simple blue coloured marking. Fairly soon you’ll enter a quiet forest of tall-trunked spruce trees where the noise is pleasantly dampened by the thick moss.

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The stone circle

Glance upwards and to your right and you’ll see a number of stones that form an oval. This is a stone circle, i.e. an ancient grave form that came into use at the end of the Bronze Age. This one is said to date back to the 12th century.

Soon you’ll emerge onto a small road; follow it to the right for a short distance, approx. 40 metres, after which the trail turns to the left.

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Lake Kålsjön

Having left the short stretch of road, you arrive at Lake Kålsjön after approx. 250 metres. The stillness is often palpable here, and it’s a nice place to make a stop. Climb up the bird tower and you’ll get a beautiful view over the lake. With a little luck you might catch sight of the ospreys that collect both breakfast and dinner here! The path along Lake Kålsjön is lined with bilberry sprigs; picking and eating the sun-ripened berries in the summer is hard to beat!

When the path turns away from the lake, you’ll find yourself in an area with young deciduous forest, with beech and rowan trees amongst others. Keep your eyes open – there’s a chance you’ll see both roe deer and moose here, especially at dawn and dusk.

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The trail leads to a road that you’ll follow for approx. 25 metres to the left before crossing and taking the path down towards the shore of Lake Åsnen. Here you’ll get a fantastic view of Åsnen and the southern parts of the national park. Nice slab cliffs provide an inviting place for a coffee break or moment of relaxation listening to the lapping waves. It’s a wonderful place for photography – not least as you can capture beautiful sunsets here!

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Nature for everyone!

The last kilometre of the blue loop follows a small gravel road through the forest. Here and there you’ll pass feeding tables, small tables with roofs! These are for feeding roe deer and other animals during the winter time when a blanket of snow can make it difficult for them to find food. You’ll also pass an installation where you can challenge your walking companions to a test of balance, walking on logs or a horizontal ladder – they’ll require your full attention!

Once you get back to the start of the trail, you can choose to extend your walk on the red or yellow loop, or continue on the same path back to the reception.